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WCRC engages with churches in South Sudan
Chris Ferguson, general secretary of the World Communion of Reformed Churches, witnessed first hand how the church is alive and active in the midst of turbulence and crisis during a recent trip to South Sudan. The trip, coordinated... Read More

Prayer and pastoral care called for in Cameroon
The WCRC calls on its members to join sisters and brothers in Cameroon for a day of mourning, prayer and support on Sunday, 22 October. A long-running crisis in Cameroon between anglophone and francophone regions sparked the killing... Read More

Middle Eastern church leaders gather to celebrate Reformation
Amman, Jordan ? ?When the West looks at Christianity of the East, they don?t look at the mosaic, they look at the Orthodox, not the Evangelicals,? said Habib Badr of the Evangelical Church of Beirut (Lebanon).  This describes... Read More

Member Church News: Peace and Borders
Presbyterian Church in Cameroon is appealing for peace and dialog: Conflict has arisen in Cameroon as the French-speaking majority continues to exert power and authority over the English-speaking minority. Up to 17 protesters were killed by government forces October 1,... Read More

Member Church News: Peace initiatives and Advocacy
Hope drives reconciliation and unity. South Sudanese members of the Uniting Church in Australia gathered in Melbourne to share hope for their country South Sudan. I pray and believe that this conference has given hope for South Sudanese communities... Read More

Member Church News: Disaster, Relief and Peace
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is collaborating with ecumenical partners to support recovery efforts and assist in developing long-term response plans. The second earthquake in two weeks, registered 7.1 on the Richter Scale, causing buildings and houses to collapse, killing... Read More

Member Church News: Music, Hurricanes, Anniversaries
?An amazing thing happened because of the Reformation. The voice of the people was restored to them in worship,? said Emily Brink, a senior research fellow at the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship. After changing its annual meeting... Read More

Prayers and support requested for hurricane relief
As Hurricane Maria tears through the Caribbean, the WCRC Reformed Partnership Fund is dispatching emergency relief money to the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba to assist in their recovery after Hurricane Irma. The church has reported extensive damage... Read More

Member church news: Recovery, Retreats, Refugees
Young people gathered for an eco-justice and peace meeting in Barranquilla, Colombia. With the first Sunday of September celebrated at Ecuemnical Sunday, the Taiwan church news takes a look at some of the highlights from the WCRC’s General... Read More

In Zambia, foreign investors complicate ?economy of life?
To witness and attempt to understand contrasting narratives of foreign investment-linked development and socio-economic injustice, participants of the Ecumenical School on Governance, Economics and Management for an Economy of Life (GEM School) visited a mining company on 22... Read More

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